AW Gear Meters FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter


AW Gear Meters

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  • 0.25 to 5,000Hz input frequency
  • 4-20mA & 0-10V default analog output
    • 0-5V, 1-5 & 2-10V options
  • 16 bit analog output resolution
  • 10-28VDC supply voltage rate
  • Bluetooth communication

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The AW Gear Meters FAC-R frequency to analog converter sends analog signals from frequency output sensors to a PLC or control system. It offers excellent linearity, high temperature stability, and long-term stability. Bluetooth communication enables remote troubleshooting, programming, and set up from a mobile device using the AWL Mobile Toolkit App.

The AWL Mobile Toolkit app allows you to view real time flow rates, input frequencies, analog outputs, and set up units, time base, K factor, and max flow rates. You will also be able to force one or both outputs to a certain value and select different output ranges.

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Occasional Flow Monitoring Requirement

The Background: Our customer is an industrial facility which includes a blind turbine flow sensor that transmits a 4-20mA signal to the control panel. They seek a means to add local monitoring to the turbine meter.

The Problem: The customer has the need to occasionally adjust a valve near the turbine meter which affects the flow.

The Solution: We recommended the AW Gear Meters FAC-R frequency to analog converter which is compatible with meters having amplified pulse output and allows the customer to perform the initial setup (k-factor, output span) and monitor the flow rate on a bluetooth connected Android device with the FAC Terminal App.