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  • Optional integral differential pressure sensor
  • -40 to 302°F temperature range
  • NTC temperature accuracy
    • ±1°F (-40 to -13.2°F)
    • ±0.7°F (167 to 211.8°F)
  • TC temperature accuracy
    • ±0.2°F + 0.3% of m.v.
  • Universal probe handle
  • Compatible with Bluetooth & wired probes
  • 0.1°F resolution
  • USB interface

What's in the Box

  • 3 AA batteries
  • USB cable
  • Calibration protocol

The Testo 440 air velocity & IAQ meter measures flow, heating and cooling load, K-factor, turbulence, data logging, and mold indication. It has a universal handle that is compatible with all air velocity and IAQ probes, enabling accurate measurements for any application. Kit options include wireless and wired probes offering a large selection of temperature, digital, and smart probes for an exact configuration to fit your needs.

The 440 stores up to 7,500 measurement points with a USB interface for exporting data. Reports can be generated and exported as excel files or printed out on site. Rear magnets offer secure attachment of the measuring instrument to metal surfaces.

Testo 440 dP includes integrated differential pressure sensor and connection hose, for measuring differential pressure ranges from -60 to +60 InH2O at filters, Pitot tubes, and for K-factor measurements.

Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ Probes
Compatible with the Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ Meter universal handle
In Stock
Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ Probe Heads
Compatible with the Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ Meter Probes
Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ NTC Probes
Compatible with the Testo 440 Air Velocity & IAQ Meter universal handle
In Stock
Testo 0554 Cable Handle
Cable handle with Bluetooth option for connecting testo 440 probe heads
In Stock
Testo 0554 1590 Tripod
Measuring tripod to assist in positioning probes to be compliant with standards
Testo 0554 2160 Handle Adapter
For connecting Testo 440 air flow probes
Testo 0554 0960 Extendable Telescope
Extends 14.8 to 39.4 inches, with 90° angle, for Testo 440 air flow probes
Testo 0554 0990 Telescope Extension
Extends 0554 0960 telescope up to 6.5 feet, for all Testo 440 air velocity probes with an interchangeable handle
Testo 0554 0991 90° Angle
Easily attaches to the 4 inch vane probes for ceiling measurements
Testo 0516 4401 Combo Case
Holds the Testo 440 meter & several probes
In Stock
Testo 0516 4900 Transport Case
Case for the Testo 440 meter for volume flow measurement
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0560 4402
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Base Price
440 dP, includes integral differential pressure sensor (+$135.00)
Probe type
Meter only
Meter & Kit Options
440 dP meter only, with differential pressure sensor, probes not included
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