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GE Panametrics

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  • New 14-point calibration certificate
  • Traceable to national standards
  • Service includes cleaning contaminates from probe

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GE Panametrics air.IQ Moisture Analyzer Kit
Complete package for moisture measurement in safe environment inert gas applications with gas pressure up to 200 psig
GE Panametrics dew.IQ Trace Moisture Analyzer
Single-channel analyzer trace measures moisture in process gases
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GE Panametrics HygroPro
Intrinsically safe trace moisture transmitter
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GE Panametrics HygroRTE Replacement Probe
Replaceable Probe, for installation into existing HygroPro Display, plug-in play probe
GE Panametrics IQ.probe Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe
Measures moisture concentration in gases from trace to ambient levels
GE Panametrics M Series Moisture Probe
Aluminum oxide moisture probe for use with all GE Infrastructure Sensing moisture analyzers
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GE Panametrics MISP2 Probe
MISP2 aluminum oxide probe for use with GE Panametrics moisture.IQ and PM880 moisture analyzers
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GE Panametrics moisture.IQ Moisture Analyzer
Multichannel, multifunction aluminum oxide-based moisture analyzer, measures trace moisture, pressure and temperature
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GE Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer
Intrinsically safe, portable moisture analyzer / hygrometer
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GE Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer Packages
Package includes PM880 Hygrometer, moisture probe and PM880 sample system
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GE Panametrics PM880AC Hygrometer
Non-intrinsically safe, line-powered portable hygrometer for the measurement of moisture in gases and non-aqueous liquids
GE Panametrics PM880AC Hygrometer Packages
Non Intrinsically-Safe hygrometer package includes PM880AC Hygrometer, moisture probe and sample system
GE Panametrics TF Series Probe
Aluminum oxide moisture-sensor probe for use with MIS 1, MIS 2 and MMS 3 moisture analyzers
GE Panametrics VeriDri OEM Moisture Transmitter
Loop-powered dew point temperature or PPMv moisture transmitter intended for OEM applications
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GE provides moisture probe recalibration as a service to customers. Recalibration involves cleaning contaminants from the probes and putting moisture probes through our standard calibration procedure.

Each aluminum oxide sensor is individually calibrated in one of GE's advanced moisture calibration facilities. Their facilities use flow, temperature and pressure measurement devices, traceable to national standards, to generate precisely known moisture concentration calibration gases that are passed by each probe during the calibration process. All data is taken and stored by a dedicated computer system. Calibrations are repeated numerous times to determine the stability of each individual moisture probe.

For recalibrations the updated calibration data is collected and dated. The moisture probe is then returned to you with a new calibration data sheet. In addition to providing updated calibration data, GE also reviews the calibration history of the moisture probe for unusual changes. GE has Instrumart regularly contact customers with feedback to ensure proper installation and to recommend adjustments in the calibration cycle.

Typically, GE recommends recalibration on a six- to twelve-month cycle.