Horiba LAQUAtwin NO3-11 Nitrate Meter
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  • 0.3mL minimum sample volume
    • 0.05mL sample with sampling sheet B
  • 6 to 9900ppm nitrate measurement range
  • Up to 2 calibration points
  • Changeable high & low calibration values
  • Auto standard recognition
  • Temperature calibration
  • Auto hold & auto stable measurement
  • IP67 dust & waterproof
  • Replaceable sensor with 6-month warranty
  • 2-year meter warranty

What's in the Box

  • 150 & 2000ppm standard solutions, 14mL each
  • 5 sampling sheets B
  • 2 CR2032 batteries
  • Dropper
  • Storage case
  • Manuals
  • Additional supplies included with kit selection

The Horiba LAQUAtwin NO3-11 nitrate meter uses uses the ion selective electrode measurement principle to measure nitrate ion and nirate-nitrogen concentrations in samples as small as 0.3mL, or 0.05mL when using a sampling sheet B. By requiring only a few drops of the standard or sample the LAQUAtwin NO3-11 saves time and prevents sample waste by eliminating the need for a beaker to calibrate. It's unique sensor can measure viscous liquids, solids, and powder samples.

The Horiba NO3-11C nitrate ion meter crop analysis kit includes a carrying case, 5 pipettes, 250mL cleaning solution bottle, crop sample press, 3 medical cups, and instruction manual.

The Horiba NO3-11S nitrate ion meter soil analysis kit includes a carrying case, 5 pipettes, 250mL cleaning solution bottle, 3 100mL extraction bottles, 2 spoons for soil sampling, tweezers, sampling sheets B, 2 sampling sheet holders, and instruction manual.

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