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  • 1+1 transceiver redundancy
  • Support for GE MDS SD Series radio technology
  • Supports Dual SIM, CBRS, 900MHz band 8
  • Various AC/DC power supply
  • Modular, in-service, hot-swappable components
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • No moving parts or fans

The GE MDS Industrial Communications Orbit Master Station are designed to monitor, control and maintain critical industrial processes and distributed assets. Such applications require high reliability and availability especially at the access point, thus driving demand for high duty cycle solutions with built-in redundancy that are capable of continuous operation. The MDS Master Station is built to meet these demanding requirements.

The MDS Master Station offers two transceivers in a 1+1 redundancy, and dual power supplies to maximize network availability. In the event of a failure the controlling logic switches to the standby transceiver unit. Switchover can occur based upon transceiver error codes, loss of communication over a configurable time period or loss of power.

The MDS Master Station is built on a cutting edge hardware framework to offer exceptional reliability for critical communications. It can be configured as a 1+1 system with redundant power supplies and transceivers that are hot-swappable to ensure always-on operation and maximize network availability. Other components such as duplexers and alarm cards are also modular and can be field replaceable for ease of maintenance. The Master Station utilizes a variant of the GE MDS Orbit network Operating System (Orbit OS) offering future-ready security, networking and quality of service capabilities.