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  • Highly scalable, modular components
  • No restrictions on third-party controls
  • One-time server configuration
  • Zero client configuration
  • Supports up to 120 simultaneous clients per server
  • Compatible with CIMPLICITY 8.0 or 7.5

Tap into the potential of your PLC/PAC with Instrumart’s custom pre-programmed solutions. Visit our Programming Services page to see how our team of certified PLC/PAC programmers can help you optimize your automation solution.

The Emerson CIMPLICITY 10 High Performance HMI/SCADA Software is a highly scalable software application that delivers the power of Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY to remote clients—enabling real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant floor control from within a web browser. With CIMPLICITY's powerful capabilities, you can reduce costs, improve time to action, and expand your analytic capability driving sustainable advantages across all levels of your business.

CIMPLICITY allows operators, engineers and managers to view, react, and operate from wherever they are. Its full-featured HMI/SCADA web client functionality helps empower your mobilized workforce and increases collaboration and productivity.

Setting up CIMPLICITY is quick and easy, resulting in web-enabled applications within minutes. It deploys automatically to clients with a simple automatic download into the web browser. Additionally, when you update your CIMPLICITY base application, the change is picked up automatically and updates any new client connections.