Erbessd Reliability EI-30 Balancing Machine


Erbessd Reliability

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  • Max symmetric load: 30kg (66lb) / 0.1kg (0.22lb)
  • 24x12x17in (609x304x431mm) dimensions
  • 21inm (533m) maximum rotor diameter
  • 33lb (15kg) maximum weight per base
  • 0.250in (6.35mm) maximum radial displacement
  • 2in (50mm) maximum shaft diameter
  • 1.25in (31mm) / 0.5in (12mm) shortest distance between supports
  • 19.75in (500mm) longest distance between supports

What's in the Box

  • 1 Frame with 2 pedestals
  • 1 pair of Soft Bearing Suspensions
  • 1 motor
  • 1 Transmission set
  • 2 Axial supports
  • 1 Quick assembly guide
  • Balancing grade G0.05

The Erbessd Reliability EI-30 Balancing Machine is ideal for high speed turbochargers as well as for other low weight rotors. The low inertia soft bearing suspension reduces the resistance to the vibration and increases the sensitivity and accuracy of the balancing process. The EI-30 provides balancing in 1 and 2 planes without trial weights. It also features adjustable pulleys and height for each support. The balancing speed is 60 to 15,000 RPM's.

Erbessd Reliability BAN30 Synthetic flat belt
Synthetic flat belt for the EI-30
Erbessd Reliability PO4P-30 Pulleys
Set of Pulleys for flat belt on the EI-30
Erbessd Reliability PHANTOM-REP Repeater
Repeater for Phantom sensors