Emerson Advantage Hardware Key
Starting at $15.00

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  • Larger, green dongle (SSLKEY-AC) is user programmed
    • Needs internet for initial setup
  • Smaller, blue dongle (KEY M5 AC) is pre-programmed
    • No internet needed, non-configurable

The Emerson Advantage hardware key is generally not needed; most customers choose to use a computer-based license instead. It is still available in two options for those that do need or want a physical key for using PME software. You cannot substitute just any USB drive for this purpose, it must be one of these GE provided dongles.

The first option is a blank key that will need to be activated. It requires a computer with internet access for downloading your PME license, not necessarily a computer you'll be using the software on. If you purchase the newest version of PME you can download an older version for use and then upgrade to the newer one later and update your key.

The second option comes pre-programmed by GE and is not re-configurable. This is a good option if you don't have internet access or if you have space constraints since it is smaller.

Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Key Type
User programmed (blank) (+$60.00)
$75.00 9

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