Partlow MIC 1166 Profile Controller
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  • 1/16 DIN for saving space
  • CE, UL and CUL recognized
  • Universal input
  • 4 programs with 16 segments each
  • Guaranteed Soak
  • Relay, solid state relay driver, 4-20mA, or Triac outputs
  • 4-20mA retransmission
  • RS-485 Communications
  • Remote Run/Hold
  • Dual display of Process Value and Setpoint
  • Power Supply 90-264VAC or optional 24V AC/DC

The 1/16 DIN Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller, although small, packs a punch by holding up to 4 programs of 16 free-format segments each, including an event output. The Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller can be configured from the front of the instrument or through a configuration port using a PC. The configuration port has a dual purpose; first, it can be used to modify the controller setups and, secondly, it can be used to transfer programs or profiles.

The Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller has a control feature called RaPID (Response Assisted PID), a fuzzy logic mixing/weighting of proportional, integral, and derivative terms. These features of the Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller provide dramatic performance improvements including extra-fast responses and minimum overshoot as compared to conventional PID techniques. The RaPID feature works best when PID terms are well-tuned; therefore, it is recommended that the Pre-Tune feature is run before the RaPID feature is engaged.

Features of the Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller include guaranteed soak, delayed start, profile active output, profile recovery features, profile cycling, and an optional digital input for remote run/hold. RS-485 communication is also available with convenient, full access to all profile data. Modular I/O options allow for field upgrades by adding or replacing boards.

The Partlow MIC 1166 profile controller can be utilized in applications that require temperature control sequences such as ramp/soak profiles to be stored and implemented.

Industries for the Partlow MIC 1166 Profile Controller

  • Industrial and lab ovens/furnaces, plastics and thermal forming
  • Form/fill and seal
  • Packaging applications
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