Mensor CTD9300-165 Dry Well Calibrator
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  • -31 to 329°F temperature range
  • Accuracy:
    • ±0.1 K at -22 °F (-30°C)
    • ±0.16 K at 329 °F (165°C)
  • 0.01 K resolution
  • 0.06 K axial homogeneity
  • Heating time: 12 min from 68 to 329°F
  • Cooling time: 7 min from 68 to -4°F
  • 5.91in (150mm): insertion depth
  • Aluminum block material
  • RS-232 interface

The Mensor CTD9300-165 Dry Well Calibrator is designed for temperatures up to 329°F (165°C). It is primarily suitable for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry applications. All instruments are fitted with blocks for large inserts, of 28 mm diameter by 150 mm long (1.1 x 5.91in).

Whether in laboratories, workshops or on site, these temperature dry-well calibrators can meet any calibration requirement. As an option, all instruments are available with an integrated measuring instrument. This enables the measurement of resistances, thermoelectric voltages and also current signals (from thermometers with a 0/4 to 20mA transmitter) and their direct display in °C. Using the calibration software and a laptop computer, fully automatic calibrations of electrical thermometers can be carried out anywhere. It is also possible to retrofit the integrable measuring instrument into existing calibrators.

Applications for the CTD9300-165 include:

  • Bio and pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industry
  • Demanding on-site calibrations
  • Measurement and control laboratories in the chemical industry
  • Power plants and plant construction