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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Megger CFL535G Time Domain Reflectometer
Advanced dual channel TDR, range up to 20000m, backlit color LCD (800x480) display, designed for use on all metallic paired cables
Megger TDR2010 Time Domain Reflectometer
Dual Channel capability with dual aspect display, range up to 20000m with a minimum resolution of 0.1m
Megger TDR2050 Time Domain Reflectometer
Two channel cable fault locator for power applications, CAT IV 600V input protection, step and pulse TDR selections

The Megger 1003-353 download kit contains TraceXpert PC software which is used to download and manage test results, organize customer details, print out reports and upload data back to the instrument. This program enables you to choose trace results from any project within the database and analyze the results across multiple tests. A trace result stored from hsitory can be compared to newer traces for the same cable.