Hygrocontrol Type 86 RH & Temperature Transmitter
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Probe required and purchased separately please see accessories


  • Field mount
  • Hazardous Classification: 1/2 G/D, E Ex ia IIC T4
  • 0 to 100% RH range
  • -58 to 302°F(-50 to 150°C) temp range
  • Accuracy up to 1.5 %RH
  • Precalibrated interchangeable probes
  • Probe required for use
  • IP65 protection class
  • Displays relative, absolute or dewpoint values
  • Flexible, modular components

The Hygrocontrol Type 86 RH & Temperature Transmitter was developed for critical humidity and temperature measurements in ducts or process lines with hazardous area classifications 1/2 G/D, E Ex ia II C T4. The robust sensor is suitable for applications in the ripening, packaging and storage of food products, pharmaceutical processes, drying processes and other material processes, where humidity and temperature are critical parameters.

The transmitter housing is polycarbonate and the probe head is aluminum. Probe tubes are stainless steel and available with different standard lengths. Two analog current or voltage outputs for humidity and temperature are linear to the selected engineering units. The transmitter is to be located in a safe area but is connected to the intrinsically safe probe head through safety barriers.

Applications for the 86 Model include:

  • Ripening, packaging, storage and transportation of food
  • Powder conditioning in pharmaceutical production
  • Drying of materials in the production of ceramics
  • Control of process parameters in chemical industries
  • Climate control of clean rooms, paintboxes and dryers
  • Process control in climatic and environmental chambers
  • Control and documentation of sterilisation in medical industries

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

Hygrocontrol Type 86 Probes
For use with the Type 86 EX Transmitters, stainless steal construction, 4" or 6" probe cable lengths available