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  • 600.0 / 1000V rms voltage
  • 300A / 1000A / 3000A, AC rms current
  • Measures single & three-phase power systems
    • 10 selectable wiring connection settings
  • Bluetooth wireless control for remote checks
  • Automatic recording at user defined intervals
    • Memory for up to 1000 parameters
  • CAT IV 300V, CAT III 600V, CAT II 1000V rated
  • UL or CSA compliant
  • CE approved

What's in the Box

  • 4 Test leads
  • 4 Alligator clips
  • US power cord
  • CT-53 current sensor
  • CT-500 current sensor
  • SD card
  • User manual
  • PC software
  • 6 AA batteries

The Amprobe DM-5 power quality analyzer allows you to easily and quickly discover the source and magnitude of power quality issues. It brings speed and efficiency to power quality jobs ranging from routine maintenance to in-plant troubleshooting of individual machinery and power distribution panels. It features a 3.5 inch full-color screen that displays data graphs and values, both during and after measurements for easy comparison.

Avoid excessive power usage and equipment failure or damage caused by poor power quality with preventative diagnosis of issues:

  • Test voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, PF & frequency parameters all on one screen
  • Monitor power quality events like swell, dip, interruption, transients, inrush current, & flicker
  • Check energy consumption with trend & demand graphs

Built for use in even the largest facilities, the DM-5 is safety tested to meet the world's most prestigious safety standards and is rated to CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V.


Please consider these optional accessories.

Amprobe CC-5 Case
Carrying case with magnet for the Amprobe DM-5

Spare Parts

Amprobe CT-53 Flex Current Sensor
Flexible current clamp for 300A, 1000A, & 3000A AC rms with a Mini-DIN-6 connector
Amprobe CT-500 Flex Current Sensor
1000A AC rms flexible current clamp with a Mini-DIN-6 connector
Amprobe TL-DM-5 Test Leads
Set of 4 colored test leads with alligator clips for the Amprobe DM-5