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  • Model 1250 / 1255
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks


  • 65 or 150mm scale lengths
  • Model 1250: ±5% accuracy
  • Model 1255: ±3% accuracy
  • 180° rotating lens
  • EZ-CHANGE design
  • 0.25% FS repeatability
  • 200 psig (13.8 bar) pressure range
  • 33 to 250°F (1 to 121°C) temp range
An engineer will contact you regarding your application data prior to final processing of any Brooks Instrument order.

The Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1250 / 1255 variable area flow meters are designed for liquids and gases and are available in 65 or 150mm scale lengths. These flow meters can be configured with a standard or precision control valve on the inlet or with no valve. The fittings can be specified in either aluminum or stainless steel. The valves can be selected in either brass or stainless steel.

The rotating lens provides a 180° view with magnification for better viewing. The Sho-Rate 1250 / 1255 flow meters feature a EZ-change design that allows for quick interchangeability of tube assemblies.