Tel-Tru P421 Pressure Transmitter
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  • Pressure ranges from 0-5 to 0-750 psi; 0-10 to 0-500 ftH2O
  • Accurate up to ±0.25% of calibrated span (combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)
  • Flush-clog free sensor
  • Internal EMI/RFI filtering
  • MOV & dual gas discharge tube lightening protection
  • Proof Pressure: Up to 2 times URL
  • Burst Pressure: Up to 5 times URL
  • Zero balance: ±1% FSO
  • Range of output options (mVdc, Vdc, mAdc, HART)
  • Compensated temperature range: 0 to 170°F
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 200° F
  • Conforms to EN50081-2 and EN50082-2

The Tel-Tru P421 submersible pressure transmitter is designed for the OEM and end-users where continuous submersion in sludge/slurry applications is required. The transmitter's key feature is its clog free design of the sensing diaphragm, which improves reliability and lowers maintenance. The P421 has an all welded sensing diaphragm that is "backed-up" with a solid piece of stainless steel and can withstand the most abrasive / cyclical applications.

The P421 is available in ranges from 0-5 to 0-750 psi or 0-10 to 0-500 ftH2O and is accurate up to ±0.25% of calibrated span. The transmitter is configurable allowing customers to tailor the instrument to the exact needs of their application. The P421 is manufactured to perform over time in harsh well environments. An internal network of MOV's and dual gas discharge tubes protect against lightning, while dual sealing techniques ensure the integrity of the waterproof seal.

Applications for the Tel-Tru P421 pressure transmitter:

  • Heavy slurries
  • Hydroelectric
  • Level and depth measurement
  • Wastewater treatment