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  • Suitable for the protection of radio transmitters and receivers connected to coaxial feeders
  • Range of connector styles to suit all applications
  • Large bandwidth dc to 2GHz
  • Robust — 10kA surge rating
  • DC coupled
  • Low insertion loss and VSWR
  • Tested in accordance with BS6651:1999
  • Range of mounting kits and enclosures available
  • 10 Year ‘No Fuss’ Warranty

The MTL CA Series of surge protection devices prevents surges and transient over-voltages conducted through coaxial cables from damaging electronic systems such as telemetry outstations. They protect vulnerable equipment without affecting normal operation, passing high frequency signals with little attenuation while diverting surge currents safely to earth and clamping output voltages to safe levels. Typical applications for the CA Series include the protection of radio telemetry systems, mobile communications base stations and, where high induced voltages may be present, in aerial systems.

Receivers & transmitters are particularly vulnerable to damage from the effects of lightning. Their remote locations and physical construction make them a likely target for lightning activity. The use of semiconductors and integrated circuits in transmitters and receivers has rendered them particularly prone to damage from these disturbances.

Excellent performance levels are achieved using high energy gas discharge tubes, in precision engineered compact enclosures, to produce superior surge suppression and transmission characteristics. The protection circuitry is capable of diverting 10kA impulses while the brass bodies and connectors are silver plated and are designed to meet harsh environmental requirements.

A wide range of connector types are available (including BNC, N-type, TNC, UHF and F-type) to suit all application requirements. In addition, bulkhead mounting options are provided for where insertion into a panel is preferable. Models are supplied with a choice of working voltage and characteristic impedance (90V, 150V and 350V) are provided for most units in the range.