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  • Calibration for Inor Temperature Transmitters

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Inor APAQ-H Temperature Transmitter
Multi-range 2-wire in-head temperature transmitters
Inor APAQ-L Temperature Transmitters
Multi-range 2-wire DIN rail temperature transmitters
Inor IPAQ C520 Temperature Transmitters
Universal, 2-wire HART compatible transmitters with dual-input for RTD and T/C
Inor IPAQ-21L / IPAQ-22L Temperature Transmitters
Universal 1- & 2-channel Programmable 2-wire Transmitters
Inor IPAQ-4L Temperature Transmitter
Multi-function intelligent 4-wire transmitter and isolated signal conditioner
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Inor IPAQ-HPlus Temperature Transmitter
High-performance, intelligent 2-wire in-head temperature transmitter
Inor IPAQ-L/LX Temperature Transmitter
Universal intelligent 2-wire DIN rail transmitters
Inor IPAQ-LPlus Temperature Transmitter
High-precision universal programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter
Inor MinIPAQ-HLP-USB 2-Wire Transmitter
Easily programmable, low-profile, low-cost RTD & T/C transmitter for DIN-B heads
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Inor MinIPAQ-L-USB Temperature Transmitter
Easy programmable low-cost RTD & T/C transmitter for DIN rail mount
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Inor R520 Temperature Transmitters
Universal, DIN rail-mount, 2-wire HART compatible transmitters with dual-input for RTD and T/C
Inor MESO-H Temperature Transmitter
Inor MESO-L Temperature Transmitter
Universal HART-compatible 2-wire DIN Rail mount Temperature Transmitter
Inor PROFIPAQ-H Temperature Transmitters
Universal high-performance PROFIBUS-PA transmitters for DIN B or larger connection heads
Inor PROFIPAQ-L Temperature Transmitter
Universal temperature transmitters with additional voltage and resistance input