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  • Moisture Range: 6 to 40% on hay
  • Bright, clear digital display
  • In continuous mode:
    • Takes two readings every second
    • Displays the average & highest of 8 readings
    • Readings updated every 4 seconds
    • Built-in back light
    • Connects to tractor power supply
  • In portable mode:
    • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
    • Displays average & highest of accumulated readings
  • Built-in calibration check
  • Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when a pre-selected MC has been reached
  • 8 x 3 x 1 5/8 inches, weighs just 10oz
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use
  • Optional sturdy plastic carrying case
  • 9V battery
  • 3-year warranty

The Delmhorst FX-2000 moisture meter is a state-of-the-art meter ideal for high-volume hay producers who need the time-saving convenience of on-the-go monitoring. Whether in the windrow, on-the-go while baling, or in the bale, the FX-2000 gives clear, accurate moisture readings every step of the way.

The FX-2000 moisture meter has a range of 6 to 40% on hay. The FX-2000 can be used for on-the-go moisture monitoring or as a portable meter. In continuous mode, the FX-2000 takes two readings per second and displays the average and highest of eight accumulated readings. Readings are updated every four seconds. The meter can also be connected to the power supply of a tractor for convenience. In portable mode, the FX-2000 averages up to 100 accumulated readings and displays the average and the highest of accumulated readings. An audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when your pre-selected moisture content has been reached.

The FX-2000 is compatible with Delmhorst moisture electrodes. A built-in calibration check keeps the instrument accurate.

The Delmhorst FX-2000 moisture meter is available in multiple package options;

  • FX-2000/1986 includes the FX-2000 with 1986 sensor, and 315ACC-0003 power adapter
  • FX-2000/18/PKG includes the FX-2000 with 324CAS-0065 case, H-4 handle, 830-3 18" prod, 831 short pin prod, 1986 baler sensor, 315ACC-0003 power adapter
  • FX-2000/PKG includes the FX-2000 with 324CAS-0065 case, H-4 handle, 830-2 10" prod, 831 short pin prod, 1986 baler sensor, 315ACC- 0003 power adapter


Delmhorst 831 Short Pin Prod
Short pin prod for testing hay in the windrow (requires H-4 Handle)
Delmhorst 1235 Bale Prod
10” prod used for testing standard bales
In Stock
Delmhorst 830 Bale Prod
10 to 36” prod for testing standard and high density bales (requires H-4 Handle)
In Stock
Delmhorst H-4 Prod Handle
Electrode handle that attaches to the built-in connector on the top of any Delmhorst moisture meter
In Stock
Delmhorst 1986 Bale Sensor
For continuous moisture monitoring during baling


Delmhorst MCS Moisture Content Standard
Moisture content standards are great for verifying that your Delmhorst moisture meter is in calibration
In Stock

Power Supplies

Delmhorst 315ACC-0003 Power Supply
Includes the power supply cable and mounting hardware necessary to install the FX-2000 in your tractor cab


Please consider these optional accessories.

Delmhorst Certificate of Conformance
Delmhorst Certificate of Conformance with serial number
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Application Notes

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Bale Moisture

The Background: Our customer is a farmer looking for a simple and reliable way to measure the moisture content in hay.

The Problem: Like almost everything farmers do, taking in hay is dependent upon specific environmental conditions. After hay is cut it must be dried before it’s baled. If the moisture content of the hay is too high, it may result in the hay spoiling or even spontaneously combusting due to heat generated by chemical reactions as the wet hay breaks down. If the moisture level of the hay is too low, they hay will lack nutrients and crumble to dust. Ideally, the hay should have a moisture content of around 18 to 20%.

The Solution: We recommended the Delmhorst FX-2000 moisture meter which was developed specifically for high-volume hay producers. The FX-2000 can be fitted with bale prods to test individual bales or with a short pin probe which allows testing hay in the windrow prior to baling providing the convenience of on-the-go monitoring. It also includes a power adapter that can be connected to the power supply of a tractor.

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