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  • Low flow coriolis mass flow measurement and control
  • 13,500 gm/hr flow range (Water at 1 bar pressure drop)
  • 27,000 gm/hr maximum flow range
  • 0.2% of rate accuracy for liquid
  • 0.5% of rate for gas
  • 32 to 149°F (0 to 65°C) temp range
  • ±0.5°C temp accuracy
  • 10 to 200 psi liquid differential pressure range
  • 10 to 150 psi gas differential pressure range
  • Proprietary optical sensing technique
  • Coplanar valve delivers super-fast response times
  • Independent diagnostic/service port and user display
An engineer will contact you regarding your application data prior to final processing of any Brooks Instrument order.

The Brooks Quantim coriolis mass flow controllers and meters are the smallest, lowest flow coriolis meters and controllers available on the market. With a range of 0.001 to more than 27 kg/hr, you can measure mass flow, volume flow, density, or temperature all in one compact package. The Quantim series offers unsurpassed accuracy and unmatched zero stability in demanding low flow applications.

The Quantim series offers an optional integrally mounted, in-line control valve. No remote electronics are required as all the transmitting and control electronics are contained within the product housing. A remote valve configuration is also available.

Applications for the Quantim series include:

  • Vacuum processes
  • Catalyst research
  • Liquid precursor delivery to vaporizers
  • Precision coating
  • High accuracy filling stations
  • Metering pump feedback/control loop