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  • Programmable multi-gas/multi-range capabilities
  • Under 1 second response time
  • 1% accuracy
  • Corrosion resistant hastelloy sensor
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Status lights: MFC health & network status
  • Analog and digital communication options
An engineer will contact you regarding your application data prior to final processing of any Brooks Instrument order.

The Brooks GF40 Mass Flow Controller achieves unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility in many gas flow measurement and control applications. The GF40 features a corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C-22 sensor for durable, long-term operation. Sub 1 second settling times and 1% of set point accuracy ensure that the GF40 will provide reliable flow measurement or flow control in demanding gas flow applications. The GF40 achieves excellent internal to external leak integrity for challenging process gases as found in CVD, solar, and other processes.

Applications for the GF40 include:

  • Solar cell chemical vapor deposition systems
  • Life sciences bioreactors
  • Vacuum processes
  • Nanotechnology/MEMS fabrication
  • Plasma, glass and web coating systems
  • Excellent option for manifold/gas delivery systems