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  • Real-time flow error detection
  • Sensor stability tracking
  • Valve leak-by tracking
  • 3 sccm to 5 slm flow range
  • Flow accuracy:
    • ±1% S.P. (10-100% F.S.)
    • ±1% S.P. plus ±0.04% F.S. (2-10% F.S.)
  • 100 psia max operating pressure
  • Normally closed valve
  • Corrosion resistant hastelloy sensor
  • 50 to 122°F (10 to 50°C) operating temp
An engineer will contact you regarding your application data prior to final processing of any Brooks Instrument order.

The Brooks GF135 Thermal Mass Flow Controller combines all of the benefits provided by the most advanced pressure transient insensitive mass flow controller (MFC) and adds real-time flow error detection with advanced diagnostics. The GF135 is a revolutionary pressure transient insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller for semiconductor manufacturing. The advanced diagnostic capabilities let users verify accuracy, check valve leak-by, and monitor sensor drift without stopping production of wafers.

The GF135 has a flow range of 3 sccm to 5 slm and an accuracy of ±1% S.P. The corrosion resistant hastelloy sensor provides unmatched long-term sensor stability ensuring maximum yield. The GF135 delivers up to 3 times faster response and settling time compared to other mass flow controllers.