Starting at $132.00
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks


  • Calibrate & optimize your sensor
  • Access over 60 functionally organized parameters
  • Display data & verify performance
  • Network up to 32 sensors
    • Update a group of sensors all at once
    • Synchronize to prevent cross-sensor interference
    • Take multi-sensor readings simultaneously
  • Connect to your sensors up to 4,000 feet away

What's in the Box

  • Serial to USB converter
  • Interface board
  • Universal power supply
  • CD with software, drivers, & demo videos

The SenixVIEW software configuration kit includes all hardware components needed for powering, connecting to and configuring ToughSonic sensors using a Microsoft Windows PC via a USB port.

SenixVIEW provides an intuitive, MS Windows interface. Target symbols, distance data, meter and switch symbols all show proportional, real-time measurements. Help tips are available by placing your mouse over any screen element or parameter.

You can access over 60 functionally organized parameters that affect operating range, sensitivity, measurement rates, outputs, output filters, condition responses and more.

View real-time output using a variety of statistical and display tools. Fine tune sensor performance in real time. Create time-stamped data logs and export them to Excel to view application data over time. You can even use your ToughSonic sensor to system test the rest of your connected equipment virtually.