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  • -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)
    0 to 100% humidity
  • Nominal 0.2% of range repeatability (at constant temp)
  • Serial-only options available
  • SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software included
    • Adjust interface, parameter timing, filters & modes
    • Network up to 32 sensors
  • 3 or 5 simultaneous user selected outputs
    • Serial data
    • NPN/PNP sinking or sourcing switches
    • 0-10VDC or 4-20mA
  • IP68, NEMA-4x, NEMA-6P
  • CE compliance

Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic level transmitters measure the distance to a target object by sending a sound wave, above the range of human hearing, at the object and then measuring the time for the sound echo to return. Knowing the speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of the object from the transducer element.

Senix ToughSonic Model Ranges

  • ToughSonic 3: 1.75in to 2ft optimum (3ft max)
  • ToughSonic 12: 3in to 8ft optimum (12ft max)
  • ToughSonic 14: 4in to 10ft optimum (14ft max)
  • ToughSonic 30: 10in to 20ft optimum (30ft max)
  • ToughSonic 50: 12in to 33ft optimum (50ft max)

Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Level Transmitters Applications

  • Level Measurement: measure or control the level of liquid or solid materials
  • Proximity: presence of & distance to objects to count or control their movement
  • Dimensioning: the size of an object by measuring it's length, width and/or height
  • Sort/Select: sort or select objects based on differences in their physical dimensions
  • Roll Diameter: measure a roll to control tension or speed, or determine if full or empty
  • Loop Control: control the position of material loops, including wires, tubes & webs
  • Web Break: Rapidly detect a broken web in a printing press or paper machine

These rugged sensors are immersible, corrosion resistant, and shock resistant. They provide high-resolution, non-contact measurements, that are unaffected by the optical characteristics of the target. Because they provide distance proportional output, target object distance and speed can be measured rather than just simple presence or proximity.

SenixVIEW software allows you to access over 60 functionally organized parameters that affect operating range, sensitivity, measurement rates, outputs, output filters, condition responses and more. Senix recommends that you also purchase the SenixVIEW Software Configuration Kit. It includes all hardware components needed for powering, connecting to and configuring your sensors using a Microsoft Windows PC via a USB port.

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