TruFlo LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
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  • Insertion style paddle wheel flow meter
  • No programming required
  • Visual LED Flow Indicator
  • NPN Pulse 4-20mA Output
  • PVC/PP/316SS (corrosion resistant material)
  • Flow Velocity Range: 0.33 to 26 Ft/S (0.1 to 8 M/S)
  • Eprom memory
  • Nema 4X (IP66) Protection

The TruFlo LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter has a large display that changes from green to red when the it's in alarm state. The LSS Series features an accuracy of ±0.75% Of Full Scale and a flow velocity range of 0.33 to 26 Ft/S (0.1 to 8 M/S). The heavy duty industrial design features corrosion resistant materials. Dual output 5 amp relays and a 4-20mA output come as standard.

TruFlo Installation Fittings
Saddle and tee fittings for installing TruFlo LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
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PVDF (+$150.00)
6 to 24in (+$30.00)
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$879.00 1

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