Amprobe SOLAR 600 Power Analyzer



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  • I-V Curve test for solar cell
  • DC Voltage:
    • Range 0 to 9.999V / 10 to 60V
    • Accuracy ±1%
  • DC Current:
    • Range 0.01 to 9.99A / 10 to 12A
    • Accuracy ±1 % ± 9 mA / ±1 % ± 0.09A
  • Maximum Solar Power (Pmax) search by auto-scan (60V, 12A)
  • Maximum Voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax
  • Maximum Current (Imaxp) at Pmax

What's in the Box

  • Soft carrying case
  • Users manual
  • AC adaptor
  • RS232C
  • Lithium battery pack
  • Software CD
  • Software manual
  • Kelvin clips (12A max)

The Amprobe SOLAR 600 Power Analyzer is a professional analyzer for testing, maintenance, troubleshooting and efficiency of solar panels. The analyzer is used in the installation of solar panels to determine the proper inverter size, optimum power output position of panels and identifies broken or worn-out cells.

The SOLAR-600 measures I-V curve and stores the curve data which can be used to troubleshoot faulty solar panel cells as damaged solar panel cells will display an abnormal I-V curve. The SOLAR-600 also measures maximum solar power (Pmax), maximum voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax, maximum current (Imaxp) at Pmax, voltage at open circuit (Vopen) and current at short circuit (Ishort).

Amprobe SOLAR-BAT1 Battery
Spare lithium battery for the Amprobe SOLAR 600


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