Crystal nVision Pressure Recorder
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  • Log 500,000 points at up to 10 readings per/s
  • Interactive real-time graphing of measurements
  • Quick-change module bays
    • 15,000 psi (1000 bar, 100MPa) pressure
    • Pt100 RTD temperature
    • Voltage (28VDC), current (55mA), & switch test
  • Switch to absolute pressure with BARO option
  • IP67 rated enclosure & drop tested from 5ft

What's in the Box

  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration cert, NIST traceable
  • Soft carrying case
  • Protective boot
  • Mini-USB cable

The Crystal nVision Pressure Recorder provides visual measurements graphically, with or without a pc, in real time as it is being recorded. The nVision is flexible and can be configured to measure and record a variety of combinations of measurements. In addition to pressure, modules for temperature, voltage and current can be used.

Accuracy is up to 0.025 percent of reading, so any nVision can typically replace several gauges or calibrators you may have been using. The nVision is fully temperature compensated, so there is no change in accuracy throughout the entire operating temperature range. The nVision features two identical bays allowing confi guration of the reference recorder to meet your requirements. All modules are field-replaceable allowing you the flexibility to react to changing needs and module calibration requirements.

The nVision's case is made from a rugged injection molded polymer utilizing a gasket to seal the enclosure against dust and water intrusion. Even the mini USB B connector is fully sealed (with or without the protective boot cover). Circuitry is mounted in a shock-absorbing system and the batteries are easily accessible by removing four captive screws.

Applications for the nVision include:

  • Orifice plate
  • Filter testing
  • Differential transmitters
  • Rotary gas meters
  • Custody transfer
  • PRV, PSV, and burst discs
  • Deadweight tester replacement
  • Calibration and maintenance
  • Extended recording

Application Modules

Crystal nVision Pressure Modules
Replacement pressure modules for the nVision pressure recorder
Crystal nVision Temperature Module
Replacement RTD100 module calibrated for 100 Ohms at 0°C with RTD connection kit and IP67 terminal block
Crystal nVision Current & Voltage Module
93.3mA max current, 30VDC max voltage, and dry contact switch test module with test lead kit for use with 4-20mA loop measurement


Crystal nVision RTD Probe
100 ohm, Pt100/385 single sensor with spring transition, PVC insulated, stranded leads, and -40 to 212°F temperature range


Crystal 124299 Aluminum Carrying Case
Aluminum Carrying Case for pump system C
Crystal 124301 Aluminum Carrying Case
Aluminum carrying case for system D
Crystal 124303 Aluminum Carrying Case
Aluminum carrying case for system E
Crystal 124304 Aluminum Carrying Case
Aluminum carrying case for system F
Crystal 2888 Waterproof Hard Carrying Case
Waterproof Hard Carrying case for system G


Please consider these optional accessories.

Crystal 4302 Lab Rack Mount Kit
Lab Rack Mount Kit for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 4AAAlkaline Disposable Power Pack
Alkaline disposable power pack (without batteries) for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 3985 Protective Boot
Protective Boot for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 3951 USB A to mini USB B Cable
USB A to mini USB B Cable for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 3952 Test Lead Set
Test Lead Set for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 3953 RTD Terminal Block Connector
RTD Terminal Block Connector for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal Blank Plate Assembly
Blank Plate Assembly (Incl Wrench & Screws) for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal 5177 Magnetic Hanging Strap
Magnetic Hanging Strap Kit for the nVision Pressure Recorder
Crystal MPM-1/4BSPM Connector
Crystal MPM-1/4MPT Connector
1/4 NPT Male (CPF Male)
In Stock
Crystal MPM-M20X1.5M Connector
Crystal Connection Fittings
Non-Crystal MP adapters (wrench tight), male-to-male and male-to-female