HOBO RX3000 Data Plans
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  • Ethernet/WiFi or cellular plans depending on model
    • RX3001 & RX3002 are Ethernet/WiFi models
    • RX3003 is the cellular model
  • Plans with a fee will need to be paid every year

This product is an accessory for the following products:

HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger
Cloud-based, 15-channel, multi-parameter data logger with plug-and-play convenience
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HOBO RX3000 Remote Weather Station Starter Kit
Measures barometric pressure, leaf wetness, light intensity, rainfall, relative humidity, soil moisture, temperature, and wind

These service plans provide one year of cellular data transmission and HOBOlink service for RX3003 (Cellular 3G) or HOBOlink only plans for RX3001/RX3002 (Ethernet and WiFi) units.

The plans start on the day the RX3000 is manufactured, but one extra week is included in the first year of service to allow for delivery time to the user.

HOBO RX3000 Data Plan Comparison Chart