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  • Dependable multigas detector optimized for mining
  • Tests for methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Methane-optimized catalytic bead sensor provides increased stability over time
  • Economical construction saves users on calibration gas, replacement sensors and maintenance
  • Four-year sensor life is 60% longer than the industry average
  • Response and clear times less than 15 seconds
  • Greater accuracy and repeatability within changing environmental conditions
  • Detectors provide industry-exclusive end-of-sensor-life warning; save money by reducing instrument downtime and sensor inventory
  • MotionAlert option tells others that user has become immobile
  • InstantAlert provides manual alarm to alert others of a dangerous situation
  • Industry-leading water, dust and impact resistance for performance within tough industrial environments
  • Digital sensors offer increased RF (radio frequency) immunity eliminating false alarms from radios
  • Industry-first CO/NO2 combination sensor with wide range and fast response times
  • Large buttons and high-contrast screen make operation easy in low-light conditions
  • Ribbed rubber housing provides secure grip and high durability
  • Unit features 95+ db alarm and ultra-bright LEDs
  • GALAXY® GX2 System-compatible for powerful calibration and fleet-management
  • Bump test in less than 15 seconds
  • 60-second span calibration time
  • MSA Link™ Pro and MSA Link Software-ready
  • Withstands extreme impacts (passes 20-ft drop test) with rugged polycarbonate housing
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and easy operation even with gloved hands
  • 30+ hour run time and quick charge time means you can buy fewer instruments to cover longer shifts

What's in the Box

  • Quick-start card
  • Charger
  • Calibration cap and tubing
  • CD manual

The MSA ALTAIR 4X Mining is an extremely durable multigas detector optimized for the mining industry. The ALTAIR 4X Mining simultaneously measures up to four gases while providing an additional layer of safety with MSA's MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ features. It is the ideal gas detector for the rugged and unforgiving environments found in all mining applications.

The MSA ALTAIR 4X Mining is compatible with a wide range of XCell sensor options including methane, O₂, CO, H₂S, and NO₂. XCell sensors surpass industry standards in several crucial areas. Their four-year sensor life is double the industry average, and they are engineered using MSA's proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. By miniaturizing sensor controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself, MSA XCell Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy and repeatability.

MSA XCell Sensors are a breakthrough in chemical and mechanical sensor design, enabling faster response and span calibration times. With less time spent on calibration and bump tests, you save calibration gas, maintenance costs and in turn, save money. But most importantly, in your industry, saving seconds on response time can also mean saving lives.

The ALTAIR 4X Mining Multigas Detector includes exclusive features like MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ providing additional layers of safety. The MotionAlert sensor activates when a user becomes disabled and motionless, quickly alerting others to the disabled user's location. And with a simple push of a button, the InstantAlert feature enables users to manually alert others to potentially hazardous situations.

The ALTAIR 4X Mining Multigas Detector is as tough and functional as it looks. A rugged housing provides unsurpassed durability, including the ability to survive a 20-foot drop. And with large, glove-friendly buttons and a high-contrast display, the ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector is easy to operate in any work environment, even low-light conditions.

The MSA ALTAIR 4X Mining is available with a wide range of options. Please contact us for additional information.


MSA GALAXY GX2 Test System
Automated Test System provides simple, intelligent testing and calibration of MSA ALTAIR series gas detectors
MSA Calibration Testing Gas
Certified gas mixtures for calibrating MSA gas detectors
MSA Regulators
Regulators for use with calibration gases
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MSA Calibration Tubing
Calibration tubing with quick-disconnect fitting


MSA Link Software
Software package for MSA gas detectors accommodates data logging and a host of other options


MSA XCell Gas Sensors
Replacement XCell sensors enable faster response and shorter span calibrations, saving you time and money


Please consider these optional accessories.

MSA Sample Probes
1- or 3-foot sample probes allow pinpoint placement into hard-to-reach areas
MSA Sampling Lines
Lengths of sampling lines to connect a sampling probe to your MSA gas detector
MSA Shoulder Strap
Shoulder strap for MSA gas detectors
Rugged sampling probe capable of drawing samples from up to 50ft away allowing diffusion instruments to be used in remote sampling applications


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