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  • Sizes 3/8 to 4 inch
    • Control ball optional up to 2 inches
  • Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve
  • Socket or flanged connection ends
  • PTFE seat
  • EPDM or FPM seals
  • Stainless steel threaded inserts
  • Fail open or closed & double acting movement options


The Georg Fischer Type 233 Ball Valve is the ultimate choice for the high demands of the industrial world. It is available in PVC or CPVC material. The valve can be configured for throttling or for simple open/close functionality. The optional declutchable manual override is ideal for applications where emergency operation of the valve is required. Additionally, the electro-pneumatic positioner, stroke limiter, and feedback switches give flexibility for integration into a wide variety of applications.

With its modular design, the Georg Fischer Type 546 ball valve is ideal for virtually any application. The valve is available in PVC, CPVC, PVC, CPVC, SYGEF and Beta-PP construction. The different materials allow for a variety of chemical applications and, in many cases, are an ideal fit for extreme temperatures. The Georg Fischer Type 546 ball valve features easy installation, which is achieved with options such as threaded, flanged, or socket end connectors. Modularity allows for changes in the field such as retrofitting and actuator to a manual valve. The Georg Fischer Type 546 ball valve was designed to meet the high demand world of industrial valves.


This product can be used in the following applications: