Vaisala GMW90 Series CO2 Sensors
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  • Measured parameters: carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity (optional)
  • Superior long-term stability with the next generation Vaisala CARBOCAP® sensor
  • Accurate temperature and humidity measurements in a three-parameter instrument due to the low-power microglow infrared source
  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • Calibrated, user-exchangeable modules for carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity
  • 3-point traceable CO2 calibration (certification included)
  • Both analog and digital communication (BACnet/Modbus)

The Vaisala GMW90 Series carbon dioxide transmitters are based on new measurement technology for improved reliability and stability. Designed for demand controlled ventilation, these transmitters measure carbon dioxide and temperature, with the option for humidity measurements. The instruments come with a calibration certificate that meets traceability and compliance requirements. The transmitter's inspection interval is five years.

The GMW90 Series transmitters use advanced Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology for measuring carbon dioxide. The CARBOCAP® carbon dioxide sensor's continuous reference measurement enables reliable and accurate readings and outstanding long-term stability also in buildings with round-the-clock occupancy. The new generation CARBOCAP® sensor no longer uses an incandescent light bulb, which limits sensor lifetime. This unique sensor consumes very little power compared to other sensors on the market. As a result, instrument self-heating is low and humidity and temperature can be measured correctly.

GMW90 Series Transmitters have been designed for quick and easy installation and maintenance. Every model includes a display for easy startup and convenient maintenance. To protect the sensor from dust and dirt during construction and installation, the units can be cabled with back-plate only. Electronics can be snapped on later at an appropriate phase in the construction project. Dip switches make it quick and easy to configure the transmitters.

Regular instrument maintenance guarantees a long lifetime of the GMW90. Calibration is easiest done with the exchangeable measurement modules. Sensor traceability and measurement quality is easily maintained by snapping on a new pre-calibrated module. The instrument can also be calibrated using a hand-held meter or reference gas CO2 bottle. The service interfaces are easy to reach by simply sliding the cover down. The closed cover keeps the measurement environment stable during calibration and ensures a top-quality final result.

Vaisala 219690 USB Cable
5ft (1.5m) cable with threaded 4-pin M8 female connector to type A USB, includes driver software on CD
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Vaisala TM10SP Temperature Module
23 to 131°F calibrated temperature module for the Vaisala GMW90 or TMW90
Vaisala HTM10SP Humidity and Temperature Module
Replacement for the Vaisala GMW90 and HMW90 series, up to 100% RH and 23 to 131°F
Vaisala GM10SP CO2 Module
Replacement carbon dioxide module for the Vaisala GMW90, with calibration certificate (ISO9001 compliant, traceable to VSL)
Vaisala MI70 Calibration Cable
6.5ft (2m) connection cable for calibrating and field-checking instruments that include MI70 indicators
In Stock
Vaisala 236285 Decorative Cover Set
Transparent polycarbonate for you to customize to match the wall the transmitter is on to hide the transmitter from view (10 pieces)
Vaisala DRW237339SP Sliding Cover
Spare plastic enclosure part with window for display versions of the HMW90 and GMW90 series transmitters
Vaisala DRW237354SP Solid Sliding Cover
Spare plastic enclosure part for non-display versions of the HMW90 and GMW90 series transmitters
Vaisala 15778HM INTERCAP Humidity Sensor
An adjustment is needed to achieve specified accuracy after a sensor change on compatible transmitters


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