Druck ADTS 403 Air Data Test System
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  • High accuracy
  • Reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) compliant
  • Legacy ATE systems compatible
  • Protection for unit under test
  • Compatible with existing IEEE 488 systems
  • 12 month recalibration period
  • Programmable test routines and limits
  • 4U high 19" Rack

The Druck ADTS 403 is the latest in a series of reliable, high accuracy, air data test systems designed for the civil aviation industry. The ADTS 403 is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot-statics, compliant with reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) requirements. A separate pressure/vacuum supply unit type PV 103 provides suitable pneumatic supplies.

Fully programmable for a wide range of fixed or rotary wing aircraft, the ADTS 403 enables vital flight instrumentation, such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate of climb indicators, Mach meters and air data computers to be quickly and accurately tested.

The ADTS 403 has been designed for 483 mm (19 in) rack mounting and being only 178 mm (7 in) (4U) high with a range of IEEE 488 interfaces available it is ideal for use with existing automatic test equipment (ATE) systems. In addition to automated and local keypad control, a remote hand terminal option is also available for even greater flexibility of operation.

Druck PV 103 Pressure/Vacuum Supply Unit
Pressure/vacuum supply unit for Druck Air Data Test Systems


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