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  • Ease-of-use with the numerical keyboard
  • Ruggedness for its application with a robust enclosure, keyboard and proper mechanical relays
  • Clear operator information: all relevant data can be monitored in one glance
  • User-friendly installation with quality plug-and-play terminals; suitable for both AC and DC applications (standard)
  • A wide range of inputs, outputs and functions for a broad fulfillment in many applications
  • Count up or count down with end of batch at zero or at batch preset value
  • Presettable time between batches for auto-recycle and number of batches to be run before shutdown
  • Presettable setpoint and signal length for pre-warn output to control valve’s first stage, sound alarm or control injection pumps.
  • Non-volatile memory preserves all programmed information during power failure
  • DC input for mobile installations or backup power
  • Field-replaceable keyboard.
  • Front panel or optional enclosure provides NEMA 4X (water tight and corrosion proof ) protection
  • Self-test alerts of any internal failure
  • Default sets all functions to factory programmed values
  • Plug-in output relays


The Badger Meter PC200 is a microprocessor-driven process controller designed for batching and filling both small and large quantities, as well as displaying total, accumulated total and flow rate. Designed to interface with Badger's complete line of industrial flow meters, it totalizes, indicates and controls fluid flows. Many years of experience in the industrial market has allowed Badger Meter to incorporate features indispensable in the liquid batching and control operations.

The Badger Meter PC200 can scale input signals in the form of pulses from open collector transistors or dry contact closures to any unit of measure for totalization, instantaneous rate of flow indication and bidirectional batch counting. At the preset quantity a relay signal output can be initiated to control valves, motors, alarms, and other process control devices.

The PC200 offers a no-flow monitoring feature: if the flow meter fails to generate a signal during a certain period of time, the unit will shut off the control outputs and bring the batch controller in HOLD and alarm mode. A "NO FLOW" alarm message will display. Flow Rate Alarm If during a batch process the actual flow rate is outside the allowed range, a "LO RATE", or "HI RATE" alarm message will display, indicating the type of alarm: "LO RATE", "HI RATE".