Vaisala HMDW110/HMS110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
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  • Accurate humidity and temperature transmitters for measurements in HVAC and cleanroom applications
  • Proven HUMICAP® 180R sensor for superior long-term stability and good chemical tolerance
  • ±2% RH accuracy
  • 3-point NIST traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • On-site calibration with HM70 Hand-Held Meter or PC connection
  • 4 to 20 mA Current output
  • Default output parameters are relative humidity and temperature. Configurable options include dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, and enthalpy outputs
  • Outdoor transmitter (HMS110/112) with professional-grade radiation shield

The Vaisala HMDW110/HMS110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter measures relative humidity and temperature in multiple HVAC applications. The series includes transmitters for duct mounting, IP65-classified wall transmitters, and outdoor transmitters with integrated radiation shields.

The cost-efficient HMDW110/HMS110 transmitters are equipped with trusted HUMICAP® 180R sensors. The sensor's superior long-term stability minimizes maintenance needs throughout the transmitter's lifetime. If necessary, the transmitter can be field-calibrated using either an HM70 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter, or a PC connection. HMDW110/HMS110 instruments are individually adjusted and delivered with a calibration certificate. The factory calibration is traceable to NIST.

The integrated radiation shield of the outdoor models HMS110 and HMS112 enables unrivaled measurement performance. It reduces the impact of sunshine on temperature and humidity measurements, and ensures measurement accuracy in outdoor conditions. The most popular control parameters in free cooling – dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, and enthalpy – are available as output parameters.

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