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  • Reliable transmitters for basic HVAC humidity measurements
  • Full 0 to 100 %RH measurement range
  • ±3.0 %RH accuracy
  • Optimized for easy installation and low maintenance
  • User exchangeable INTERCAP® sensor for easy field replacement
  • Output parameters: relative humidity and temperature with optional dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature and enthalpy parameters
  • UL- V0 flammability rating
  • Wall, duct, or outdoor mounting options

Vaisala HMDW80 Series humidity and temperature transmitter are versatile instruments designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in various building automation applications. The transmitters combine easy installation and reliable operation with a low requirement for maintenance. Available for wall and duct mounting applications, the HMDW80 series are IP65-classified for humid areas. Transmitters with a radiation shield, for outdoor applications, are available as well.

Vaisala HMDW80 Series humidity and temperature transmitters are available as humidity + temperature or temperature only. The temperature only transmitters are IP30 rated. Optional displays are available as are a package of calculated parameters– dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, and enthalpy – that increase the versatility of the instrument.

Vaisala HMDW80 series transmitters are optimized for easy installation. There are no loose parts, screws are retained in the enclosure, all connectors are clearly labeled, and the connectors are within easy reach. The duct mount transmitters are well suited to a variety of duct sizes, the outdoor transmitters can be mounted directly onto a wall or pole without any extra accessories, and the wall m ount transmitters can be installed without the need to make holes in the transmitter enclosure.

Vaisala HMDW80 series transmitters require minimal maintenance thanks to their excellent sensor stability and high-quality materials. If necessary, the INTERCAP® sensor can be easily exchanged in the field with minimum downtime.

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Piano Restoration

The Background: The customer is a restorer of high end, antique pianos. To preserve the woodwork on these instruments, it’s necessary to maintain a specific humidity range.

The Problem: The customer was using a low end RH controller which was not providing them the performance they needed. The customer is on a tight budget but didn’t want to sacrifice accuracy.

The Solution: Pairing a Vaisala HMDW80 humidity transmitter with an Autonics KN2000 controller. The controller accepts the RH input from the transmitter and turns a heater on to dry out the room when the high humidity setpoint is reached. The customer is very happy with this solution and has recommended it to other piano restorers.

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Humidity and temperature (+$27.00)
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3-wire voltage output
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