Krohne MFC 400 Mass Flow Converter
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  • High performance signal converter with multiple output options
  • Advanced diagnostic functions acc. to NE 107
  • Flat-line accuracy of 0.1% / optional 0.05 %
  • Improved density measurement and stability
  • Easy to install and program due to improved user interface
  • No loss of measurement with up to 100% air entrainment due to Entrained Gas Management (EGM)
  • Optical and mechanical keys for ease of use
  • Redundant data storage in signal converter housing
  • Real time clock for logging events
  • HART® 7 communications
  • Monitoring of electronics and sensor performance
  • High level diagnostics
  • Short distance remote up to 20m

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The Krohne MFC 400 mass flow signal converter is perfectly suited to all measuring tasks and offers seven measuring functions in one device: mass flow rate, mass counter, density, temperature, volume flow rate, volume counter and concentration of fluids, including alcohol concentration. With excellent stability, flat-line accuracy of 0.1%, advanced density measurement, and air entrainment, the MFC 400 offers a high level of performance that matches its versatility.

The MFC 400 signal converter is available in multiple configurations. In the modular input/output variant, up to four inputs and outputs can be combined in almost any way. You can also select passive or active inputs/outputs. The unit is fitted with an extensive diagnostics package providing condition based monitoring. It is insensitive to gas entrainment and can be provided with a stainless steel housing. Currently compatible with the OPTIMASS 6000, the MFC 400 will subsequently be available for all OPTIMASS mass flow meters.

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Entrained Gas

The Background: Our customer is a research and development firm that is looking to monitor and quantify the amount of air leaking into hydraulic lines as part of a project they are currently working on.

The Problem: Entrained air and two phase flow are traditionally a serious problem for accurate flow measurement.

The Solution: The new Krohne MFC 400, with its EGM (Entrained Gas Management) is capable of maintaining flow rate and density measurement accuracy even with two phase flow. By monitoring the measured density of the hydraulic fluid the customer was able to accurately measure the amount of air present in the hydraulic fluid flow.