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  • Performs tests without having to interrupt power
  • Locates breakers, neutral and ground lines
  • Pinpoints shorts, ground faults and broken wires
  • Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment

What's in the Box

  • T2200 transmitter
  • R2000 receiver
  • Load signal generator (S2600-A)
  • Clamp-on transmitter (A2201)
  • 110V plug to banana plugs cord set (C2901)
  • Alligator clips to banana plugs cord set (C2902)
  • User manual

Amprobe AT-2000-A series wire tracers come in two kit options:

  • AT-2004-A Advanced Wire Tracer standard kit
  • AT-2005-A Advanced Wire Tracer kit with battery booster & charger

Whichever option you choose the core of the kit is the same:

  • Two transmitters, one that injects a signal into a line for finding breaks and another that causes an energized line to generate a signal
  • A receiver to pick up the signals generated by the transmitters and indicate the signal's strength both audibly and visibly
  • A clamp-on transmitter accessory for non-contact signal indication
  • Two cord sets, a 110V pigtail to banana plug set and an alligator clip to banana plug set