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  • Single channel input
  • pH, ORP, Optical-Based DO/BOD, or conductivity
  • Data storage:
    • 500 data sets in manual mode
    • 5,000 data sets in automatic logging mode
  • Large, easy to read backlit graphic display
  • GLP Compliant (sensors store serial # and calibration data)
  • USB connectivity to manage data
  • Calibration points:
    • DO and Conductivity = 1
    • pH = 1 to 5

The YSI MultiLab 4010-1 Water Quality Instrument is a single channel input for measuring pH, ORP, Optical-Based DO/BOD, or conductivity. The YSI 4010-1 provides easy to use and easy to calibrate menu driven operation ideal for any laboratory. This instrument features a large, easy to read display, Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) for plug-and-play connectivity, and a 3-year instrument warranty.

The IDS sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. The sensors maintain their calibration data when moved from instrument to instrument and transmit this information to the new instrument so you don't have to recalibrate. In addition, they also digitally process the measurement signal.

The CMC function displays continual monitoring of the sensor's measuring range. The range is represented with a bar and calibration points are shown as vertical lines at the cal point. A moving cursor shows the current measured value and indicates if the measurement is within the calibrated range. The QSC is a system to monitor the condition of the pH electrodes. An initial calibration is performed and, afterwards, the sensor status is monitored and graphically displayed.


YSI 626500 IDS ProOBOD Probe
Optical Self stirrring BOD probe with temperature sensor, IDS


YSI 109830Y Calibration Kit
Calibration kit for IDS pH electrode, 3 ampules: 4.01, 6.86, 9.18

Power Supplies

YSI 902867 Universal Power Supply
Universal power supply for YSI MultiLab instruments


YSI 250115Y Printer Paper
Printer paper for MultiLab 4010P-1, TruLab 1310P, and TruLab 1320P built in printers, 1 roll


YSI 625120 BOD Analyst Pro Software
Easy, efficient and accurate desktop software for the calculation of BODs


Please consider these optional accessories.

YSI 103740Y /103741Y IDS 4110 Probe
Combination pH and temperature, Plastic, Gel filled, digital, double junction probe, 1.5 or 3 meter cable
YSI 103750Y IDS 4130 Probe
Combination pH and temperature, Plastic, 3 mol KCl, digital,double junction probe, 1.5 meter cable
YSI 103780Y IDS 4120 pH and Temperature Probe
Combination pH and temperature, Glass, 3 mol KCL, digital, double junction probe, 1.5 meter cable
YSI 103791Y IDS 4210 ORP Probe
Combination ORP, Glass , digital, double junction probe, 1.5 meter cable
YSI 301710Y IDS 4310 Conductivity and Temperature Probe
Conductivity and temperature, Epoxy body, 4-graphite electrodes, digital probe, 1.5 or 3 meter cable
YSI 109813Y Stand and Holder
Stand and holder for the YSI MultiLab Line
YSI 605611 USB Cable
USB cable for connecting instrument with USB-mini B to a computer
YSI 400366 TruLine Ammonia Electrode RM
TruLine Ammonia Replacement Membrane Modules, 4 ea, includes fill solution