• 525B/A0 120V
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  • Simulates and measures all ANSI thermocouples
    • As well as L and U types
  • Direct input for storage of ITS-90 RTD constants
  • RTD source uncertainties to 0.03°C
  • Converts easily to any pressure unit
  • Sources DC voltage and current
  • MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software
    • Or custom programs w/ RS-232-C & GPIB interface
  • Eight user programmable setpoints
  • NIST-traceable calibration with data is included
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The Fluke Calibration 525B temperature & pressure calibrator is a combination of high accuracy and broad functionality for temperature and pressure instrument calibration. Compact and economical, the 525B is a benchtop instrument is well suited for both traditional calibration laboratories as well as process plant environments in which a wide range of instruments, transmitters, field calibrators, P/I converters, transducers, and temperature probes require calibration. This unit is a versatile performer that fills the gap between lower accuracy handheld field calibrators and more expensive high-end multifunction calibrators.

The 525B sources and measures a complete range of RTDs, thermocouples, and thermistors. It also measures pressure covering common ranges from 1 inch of water (6900 Pa) up to 10,000 PSI (69 Mpa) using the Fluke Calibration 750P series pressure modules. Its dc voltage and current specifications enable you to calibrate other process calibrators and a wide variety of other instruments with accuracy that rivals any calibrator in its price range.

From start to finish, this calibrator is designed for ease of operation. The intuitive front panel design features large keypads and display that help reduce training time and make the 525B comfortable to use even for long periods of time. Plus, you can store frequently used constants for a variety of probes in memory for faster setup on the job.

The 525B can be used with MET/CAL Plus Calibration Software (v 6.11 or later) to meet the stringent documentation and reporting requirements imposed by quality standards such as ISO 9000. MET/CAL Plus is a powerful software environment for creating, editing, testing, and documenting calibration procedures, and for performing automated calibrations.