Commtest Neck Strap

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  • Wider in the middle for better weight distribution
  • Expands to 5.1 feet (1.56 m)
  • Sensor keeper holds magnetic mounted accelerometers conveniently at chest height

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GE Bently Nevada VB Series Condition Monitors
Portable single, dual & four channel models (VB5, VB6, VB7, & VB8), formerly known as Commtest VB Series
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GE Bently Nevada vbBalancer Unbalance Correction Packages
Measure unbalance and calculate correction weights, formerly known as Commtest vbBalancer
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The Commtest Neck Strap is designed for Commtest vbX and vbClassic instruments. The neck strap comes with two metal clips to attach to the instrument and is wider in the middle for better weight distribution. The strap also includes a sensor keeper which is a plastic cradle with a metal end and is perfect for holding your magnetic mounted accelerometer conveniently at chest height. No longer do you have to carry a sensor with a magnet in your pocket. The sensor keeper allows you easy access to your accelerometer