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  • Resolution: 0.1 oz./0.01 lb./0.01 kg
  • Sealed LCD with high resolution 0.5 inch character display
  • Moisture resistant membrane keypad
  • Operating temp: 32 to 122ºF (0 to 50ºC)
  • 9V battery, battery life approximately 25 hours
  • Accuracy:
    • 110 lb scale; ±0.5 oz./ ±0.03 lb./ ±0.015 kg
    • 220 lb scale; ±1.0 oz./ ±0.06 lb./ ±0.03 kg
  • Platform size:
    • 110 lb scale; 9 x 9 inch (228 x 228 mm)
    • 220 lb scale; 11.3 x 11.3 inch (287 x 287 mm)
  • Case size:
    • 110 lb scale; 15.5 x 12.25 x 3.25 inch (394 x 311 x 83 mm)
    • 220 lb scale; 18 x 13 x 4.25 inch (457 x 330 x 108 mm)
  • Tank not included

The Yellow Jacket Electronic Charging Scale eliminates refrigerant transfer from tank to cylinder to system. The cylinder with refrigerant is weighed before and after charging. Charge directly into the system or recover from the system.

Digital electronic charging scales show the progress of the charge as it‘s happening, indicating when to close the valves and stop the charge. Works with any refrigerant in any system. Digital electronic charging scales feature:

  • Calibration standards traceable to NIST
  • Removable control module on retractable 5' coiled cord
  • Mechanical overload protection and "OL" alert on LCD
  • Industrial grade circuitry for long life performance
  • Minus (-) reading shows weight removed from the platform
  • Single point load cell strain gauge for long term stability and accuracy

Programmable electronic charging scales have added capabilities for automated, faster and more economical charging. Simply program the charging weight and the valve will close automatically when the charge is complete. Programmable electronic charging scales feature:

  • Mesh filter in charging module protects solenoid valve from debris
  • Low flow triggers automatic hold to extend solenoid life
  • Schrader valve prevents backflow through solenoid
  • Charging accuracy is equal to scale accuracy +/- 0.25 oz.
  • Solenoid valve with 400 psi maximum operating pressure differential (MOPD) allows metering broad range of refrigerants
  • Made in the USA

Note: Tank not included


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