• Non-contact ac voltage detection (90 – 1000 V ac)
  • 3-way voltage alert: audible, visual and shaker
  • Totally insulated probe, no exposed metal or conductive parts
  • Check for ac voltages without disconnecting the electrical system
  • Test for ac voltage cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, etc.
  • Safety rated: CAT IV 1000 V

The Amprobe VP-1000SB voltage probe is designed for safe and convenient, non-contact ac voltage detection without interruption to electrical systems. The VP-1000SB provides 3-way visual, audible and shaker alerts when ac voltage is present. Designed to conveniently fit in a shirt pocket and to perform in the toughest indoor and outdoor applications, the VP-1000SB operates as ‘always on' with no buttons. This pocket-sized tool also provides a tip designed to discern between hot and neutral wires, and offers intuitive alerts as well as a CAT IV, 1000 V safety rating.