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  • Model 279301:
    • 0.1 to 1,111.21Ω in 1mΩ steps range
    • ±0.01% +2mΩ accuracy
    • 1mΩ resolution
    • High reproducibility
    • Excellent anti-shock and vibration properties
  • Model 279303:
    • 0 to 111.11Ω in 1mΩ steps range
    • ±0.05% +0.05Ω accuracy
    • Up to 100MΩ in 100Ω step
    • Shock and vibration proof construction

The Yokogawa 2793 Decade Resistance Box is a high accuracy, stable DC variable resistor with 6 dials and is available in two styles. The 279301 provides medium resistances from 0.1 to 1,111.21Ω in 1mΩ steps (best suited for calibration of resistance thermometers or bridges. The 279303 is for high resistances from 0 to 111.1110MΩ in 100Ω steps (suitable for calibration of insulation resistance testers or bridges).