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  • Ideal for Use in Oils and Water
  • Slosh Shield
  • Supplied with 25’ Waterproof Cable
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel or Buna-N Float
  • Switch
    • Buna-N Float: SPST, 20 VA, N.C. Dry
    • Stainless Steel Float: SPST, 10 VA, N.C. Dry
  • Electrical Termination: 22 AWG, 25’ length, PVC (Buna-N float) or Teflon (SS Float) Jacket
  • Maximum Pressure
    • Buna-N Float: 150 PSI
    • Stainless Steel Float: 375 PSI
  • Operating Temperature
    • Buna-N Float: Water to 180°F ; Oil: -40 to 230°F
    • Stainless Steel Float: -40 to 212°F


The Gems LS-750 series is a compact level switch with a slosh shield and weighted collar. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the LS-270 can be suspended in stand pipes or sumps for leak detection duty or dropped into wells for ground-water monitoring. The slosh shield minimizes the effects of turbulence and helps prevent interference by foreign material.

The LS-750 series features rugged brass or stainless steel construction and has broad heat and pressure capabilities. With the Buna-N float, the LS-750 includes an SPST, 20 VA, N.C. dry switch and 25 feet of PVC jacketed waterproof cable. With the stainless steel float, an SPST, 10 VA, N.C. dry switch and 25 feet of Teflon jacketed waterproof cable is included.