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  • Resists Build-Up
  • Ideal for Viscous or Corrosive Liquids
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 300°F
  • Maximum Pressure: 30 PSI
  • Electrical Termination: No. 22 AWG, 24˝ L., Teflon Jacketed Lead Wires
  • 1/4” NPT process connection
  • 2-1/8" diameter float
  • Teflon stem, mounting and float
  • Specific Gravity as low as .80
  • Switch: SPDT 20VA, selectable by inverting the float on the unit stem


The Gems LS-1900TFE level switch is designed for applications in which all-plastic material is desirable and tank space is not restricted. Featuring Teflon construction, the LS-1900TFE resists build-up of foreign material or sticky media. This ensures float travel remains uninhibited in viscous or corrosive liquids.

The LS-1900TFE is rated for temperatures from -40 to 300°F and pressures to 30 PSI. It is equipped with an SPDT switch which is selectable N.O. or N.C. by inverting the float on the unit stem. The LS-1900TFE uses a 1/4" NPT process connection and 24" Teflon jacketed lead wires.