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  • Rugged Durability
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
  • Broad Heat and Pressure Capabilities
  • Materials of Construction: Teflon or Buna-N
  • Electrical Termination: No. 22 AWG, 24˝ L., Polymeric Lead Wires
  • Approvals: U.L. Recognized and CSA Listed
  • Switch: SPST 20VA, N.O. or N.C.
  • Operating Temperatures
    • Buna-N: Water: to 180°F; Oil: -40 to 300°F
    • Teflon: -40 to 250°F
  • Maximum Pressure:
    • Buna-N: 300 PSI
    • Teflon: 1000 PSI


The Gems LS-1700 series are float-type level switches for use in shallow tanks or restricted spaces. Ideal for high volume, general purpose use, the low-cost LS-1700 series offers broad chemical compatibility and rugged durability. The LS-1700 series is U.L. Recognized and CSA Listed.

The LS-1700 series is available with Teflon of Buna-N floats. Both materials offer broad heat and pressure capabilities with the Teflon model rated for temperatures to 250°F and pressures to 1000 PSI. The Buna-N model is rated for temperatures to 300°F and pressures to 300 psi. The LS-1700 is equipped with a SPST switch that can be configured N.O. or N.C. when ordering. The Buna-N float is selectable N.O. or N.C. by inverting the float on the unit stem.