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  • Solid State Reliability
  • Contact Design
    • Series 16M & 16HM: 1 N.O. & 1 N.C. (1 form C)
    • Series 16DM: 2 N.O. & 2 N.C. (2 form C)
    • Series 16VM: 1 N.O. & 1 N.C. (1 form C)
  • Contact Rating (120 / 240 VAC)
    • Series 16M & 16HM: 10 amp Resistive 1/3 hp
    • Series 16DM: 5 amp Resistive 1/10 hp
    • Series 16VM: 10 amp Resistive 1/3 hp
  • Mode of Operation: Direct/Inverse, factory setSensitivity
    • Series 16M: 0-1M ohm, factory set
    • Series 16HM: 0-5.5M ohm, factory set
    • Series 16DM: 0-1M ohm, factory set
    • Series 16VM: 0-1M ohm, field adjustable
  • Modular Plug-in Design with 8-Pin Octal or DIN Style Plug
  • LED Monitoring
  • CSA Approved
  • Compact Size
  • Various Time Delays
  • Approvals: U.L. 508 File #E44426
  • U.L. "Motor Control"

The Gems Series 16M Control Module is engineered for general purpose single-level or differential service. Combining the reliability of solid state electronics and the convenience of a plug-in design, the Series 16M offers a number of features to tailor the unit to the application

The compact size and plug-in design of the Series 16M makes them simple and convenient to use for a number of applications particularly conductivity based liquid level control. The modules are CSA and UL approved and available with NEMA 1 or NEMA 4 enclosures. They include LED monitoring. Time delays, both increasing level and decreasing level, are available up to 20 seconds.

The Gems Series 16M Control Module is available in 4 models, each offering a number of features to tailor the unit to the application:

Series 16M: General Purpose
Designed for either differential or single-level service. U.L. "Motor Controller" listing, 8-pin socket with screw-type connections make the unit easy to install and service. Sensitivity of up to 1 million ohm/cm.
Series 16DM: DPDT Load Contact
Similar to Series 16M but with DPDT load contacts. Eliminates the need for slave relays. 11 pin octal plugs. Requires little panel space. General purpose single-level or diffferential applications. U.L. listed.
Series 16HM: High Sensitivity
Series 16HM is similar to Series 16M but provides higher sensitivity up to 5.5 million ohm/cm. Probe voltage is 12 VDC for applications with low conductive media.
Series 16VM: Field Selectable Sensitivity
Similar to Series 16M but with the added flexibility of field adjustable sensitivity, made possible through external setpoint resistors. Uses 11 pin octal socket. U.L. listed.

Applications for the Gems Series 16M Control Module :

  • Single Level Service
  • Differential Service
  • Point Level
  • Alarms
  • Valve Control
  • Pump Control