• Temperature range: 14 to 284°F (-10 to 140°C)
  • Maximum pressure: 59 psig (400 kPa abs, 4 bar)
  • Wetted materials: Stainless Steel, EDPM
  • Process connections: G 1-¼ in. thread
  • Sensor lengths: 100 mm
  • Cable connector: 4-pin
  • Cable compatibility: standard 4-pin connector cable


The Rosemount Analytical Gx448 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor provides a drift-free signal and maintains its calibration value for up to 50 steam sterilization cycles. It can be used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing fields. The Model Gx448 is offered in three (3) different lengths for various insertion depths. It uses a 4-pin connection plug for a quick disconnection from the cable. The cable-to-sensor connection is water-tight and is protected by the standard cable protection cap. It can be mounted directly into the G 1-1/4 inch weld-in socket using a connector nut.

The Rosemount Analytical Gx448 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor designed to meet the demanding requirements of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

The sensor combines ruggedness with high performance. The steel-mesh reinforced membrane tolerates high temperature and pressure as well as repeated SIP cycles, but still provides high sensitivity and fast response times.


This product can be used in the following applications: