GE Inspection Technologies UltraDAT Software
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  • Use Ethernet cable to connect
  • Export data
  • Print test reports
  • Excel templates

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GE Inspection Technologies MIC 20 Hardness Tester
Hardness tester for quasi-static UCI & dynamic hardness testing according to the rebound method, formerly the Krautkramer MIC 20

The GE Inspection Technologies UltraDAT Software was especially developed for our mobile hardness testers TIV and MIC 20. It extends the function range of these instruments with regard to documentation and data management, which makes your daily test operations much easier.

You want to print out test reports for documentation purposes: no problem since UltraDAT makes the creation of test reports really easy for you. The test series are exported to one of the predefined Excel templates and saved as Excel files, after which they can be further edited or printed out.

The program enables direct access to the file structure of your hardness tester and is provided with user-friendly preview features. You can use these features to easily identify and select the test series that you want to export. Make your choice of one or several test series, or complete directories, to be transferred to the PC.

In addition, you can use UltraDAT to add further information to your test series to make them complete before exporting them, e.g. test object, operator or remarks of your choice. The data are transferred via the Ethernet interface of the PC.

UltraDAT offers you various table formats to export the selected test series. Apart from a detailed test report, including evaluation graphics and measured values, it is also possible to export a compact report containing selected test series. Pictures stored in the instrument, i.e. pictures of the TIV test indentation, may also be part of the report.