Vaisala PTB210 Barometer
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  • Range: 500 to 1100 hPa or 50 to 1100 hPa with serial output
  • Accuracy (serial output): ±0.20 hPa (standard); ​±0.15 hPa (enhanced)
  • Accuracy (analog output): ±0.30 hPa
  • Different scalings between 500 to 1100 hPa with analog output
  • Vaisala BAROCAP® sensor
  • Output: RS232C, RS232C/TTL (optional), RS485, non-isolated (optional); 0-5 V or 0-2.5 V
  • Operating temperature range -40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140 °F)
  • Electronics housing IP65 protected against sprayed water
  • Accurate and stable measurement
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)

The Vaisala PTB210 barometer is designed to operate in a wide temperature range while the electronics housing provides IP65 (NEMA 4) standardized protection against sprayed water making these units ideal for installation outdoors or in harsh environments in applications such as weather stations, data buoys and ships, airports, and agrology.

The PTB210 barometers are designed for various pressure ranges. They are available in two basic configurations: serial output for 500 to 1100 hPa or 50 to 1100 hPa pressure ranges and analog output with different scalings for pressures between 500 to 1100 hPa. All PTB210 barometers are digitally adjusted and calibrated by using electronic working standards. A higher accuracy version of the serial output model is available that is fine-tuned and calibrated against a high precision pressure calibrator.

The Vaisala PTB210 barometer uses the BAROCAP® sensor, a silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala for barometric pressure applications. The Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor provides excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics and outstanding temperature and long-term stability. All PTB210 barometers are delivered with a factory calibration certificate which is NIST traceable.