Vaisala DPT146 Dew Point Transmitter
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  • Measurement parameter
    • Dew point temperature
    • Absolute pressure
    • Temperature (with "RS485 only" output option)
  • Caluculated Parameters
    • Dew point converted to atmospheric pressure
    • ppm volume concentration
  • Measurement range
    • Dew point: -60 to 30 °C (-76 to 86 °F)
    • Pressure: 1 to 10 bar (14.5 to 145 psi)
  • Measurement accuracy
    • Dew point: ±2 °C (± 3.6 °F) Td
    • Pressure: ±0.4 %FS at 23 °C (73 °F)
  • Operating voltage: 21 to 28 VDC
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • IP65 (NEMA 4X) housing

The Vaisala DPT146 dew point and pressure transmitter is the ideal choice for anyone using or monitoring compressed air. As the first transmitter that monitors both dew point and process pressure simultaneously, the DPT146 provides two of the most important compressed air measurements meaning reduced installation costs and a much easier setup – with only one instrument needing connection and wiring.

Dew point measurement combined with process pressure measurement offers further unique advantages. For the first time, dew point data – whether calculated to atmospheric pressure or providing ppm – is constantly pressure compensated online and in real-time so there is no ambiguity in the information. Additionally, temperature measurement is also available when the RS485 serial line is in use.

The DPT146 combines the knowledge of more than 20 years of sensor technology development. Proven measurements from the DRYCAP® sensor for dew point and the BAROCAP® sensor for pressure provide accurate measurements. The DPT146 is fully compatible with the Vaisala DM70 hand-held dew point meter. The DM70 can also be used as a local display and data logger for monitoring all measured parameters.


Vaisala 219690 USB Cable
5ft (1.5m) cable with threaded 4-pin M8 female connector to type A USB, includes driver software on CD
Vaisala MI70 Calibration Cable
6.5ft (2m) connection cable for calibrating and field-checking instruments that include MI70 indicators


Please consider these optional accessories.

Vaisala DMT242SC Basic Sampling Cell
Female threaded sample connector, inlet G3/8in, outlet G1/4in ISO
In Stock
Vaisala DMT242SC2 Sampling Cell
1/4 inch Swagelok connectors at both the inlet and outlet
In Stock
Vaisala DSC74 Sampling Cell
Sampling cell with quick connector and leak screw
Vaisala DSC74B Two Pressure Sampling Cell
Optimized for 43.5 to 145 psig (3 to 10 barg), limits the flow rate via fixed leak screw, includes G3/8 to G1/2 & G3/8 to G1/4 adapters
In Stock
Vaisala Sealing Ring Set
3 U-seal rings, suitable for ISO G1/2in version MMT162, DMT132, or DMT146 transmitters
Vaisala Loop Powered External Display
Nokeval loop-powered external LCD display with optional alarm relays
Vaisala 220957SP Sensor Filter
12mm diameter, female thread, stainless steel mesh, 8µm pore size
Vaisala 232912 Sealing Ring Set
3 U-seal rings, suitable for UNF 3/4in-16 version of the DPT146 transmitter
Vaisala DPT146 Dew Point Transmitter
Measures both dew point and process pressure in compressed air systems
Vaisala HMP50Z Shielded Cables
4-pin M8 female straight connector at transmitter end to open wires, rated for up to 140°F (60°C)
Vaisala 218675SP Plug
Protection plug for DPT146 or DPT145 connector
Vaisala DSC74C Two-Pressure Sampling Cell
Includes G3/8in sample cell, needle valve, integrated leak screw, reducing nipple to G1/2in, reducing adapter to G1/4in, & diffusion coil
Vaisala DM240FA Mounting Flange
Duct installation flange for ISO G1/2in threaded transmitter to be installed on the process wall or pipe, directly in the measured gas


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